Unscrewed Thoughts

Stargate SG1 Screw was born from a silly idea of Eugeal: to create Stargate SG1 episodes using screws and hardware items as actors.
This project was born as a joke, but immediately had a good feedback.

Follow our heroes in their adventures.

The Cimbris in Mantua

These are pics from the meeting of March 6th 2004 in Mantua.

Horse d'oeuvre

Goa'uld Horse d'oeuvre


Eating jaffas

Sam Carter

Sam Carter with photo camera


Valamir with photo camera too

Big drawings!

Big drawings!!!

Big drawings!

Big drawings!!!

Stargate cake

Stargate cake with dvds

Space ship pub

The space ship pub!

The space ship pub!

The space ship pub!

space ship-pub

The space ship pub again!

Group Shot

Group shot :)