Unscrewed Thoughts

Stargate SG1 Screw was born from a silly idea of Eugeal: to create Stargate SG1 episodes using screws and hardware items as actors.
This project was born as a joke, but immediately had a good feedback.

Follow our heroes in their adventures.

Casting for the role of second episode's alien monster.
Director's Comment.

The actors are waiting for the studios' doors to be opened.

Director: There were so many persons! I didnt expect that a new show like SG! Screw could have so many fans.

D: This actor is very good, but he looks too common. We'd have to use too much make up and too many special effects for our budget.

D: This actress fit very well with my idea of the monster, but her acting wasn't good. She was so clumsy that she hit our cameraman with a tentacle during the audition!

D:A pleasant and energetic actor, too pleasant to be an evil alien!

D: This boy is a really good actor, believe me, he'll become famous. Sadly, he was too thin to be a monster, but the excellent performance in this audition gave him a part in a western movie. I'm really happy for him and I hope to work with him in the future.

D: The idea of using thorns was very good, but she was a little too round and soft for the part.

D: A pretty and cute actress. Too cute to be a dangerous alien. Flowers didn't go well with the part.

D: In this trio, the actress who acted as the dead alien was perfect, but she didn't want to sign a contract without her brothers.

D:This actor was really good, but he was too tall. It would be difficult for him acting without damaging the set.

D: One of the two chosen actresses: simply perfect for her role!

D: The other chosen one: her white fur makes her a really original alien.